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Fluid Light – BMW: Engineering Beauty

In collaboration with photographer Javier Lovera for Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival....


Artscape Street Party

Artscape Street Party: Scribbling Rivalry on February 28th 2014 6:30-11pm. This 19+ event will consist of live painting performance, spoken word, break dancing and music competitions...


diy animatronic eyes

If you're familiar with the wonderful world of Arduino boards and robotics, you're going to love this fairly simple hack from Lance Gundersen (LGProspects). ...


Illustrating for the commercial world

When asked to work on any commercial projects there are always challenges. Unlike working on personal pieces, you are now dealing with a second party's set of ideas...

Collaboration, not Competition
“Technologies are not simply inventions which people employ
but are the means by which people are re-invented.”

Marshall McLuhan
The Gutenberg Galaxy 1962


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Down With Webster : 'One In A Million'
WORK // Projection Mapping
BMW - Engineering Beauty
Henrieta Haniskova Photography
WORK // Branding, web, promotional materials and communications
Dylan Murray (NelStar Records)
WORK // Branding, website, social media, album artwork and design
John Kenneth Hats
WORK // Branding, web, promotional materials and communication
Leon Frazer
WORK // Web design
Fritzy's Frozen Yogurt
WORK // Branding, web, social media, POS, signage, packaging, promotional materials and communications
Above Ground Art Supplies
WORK // Branding, Web, Social Media, Way finding, E-commerce, promotional materials, product catalogue and communications
WORK // Branding / Social Media and Ad Material / Web Design and Development
Matcha Maya (Tea Market)
WORK // Naming, branding, packaging, pos display
Atlantic Ballet of Canada
WORK // Website design and development, social media implementation
Canadian Council For Refugees
WORK // Multi-page report, layout and design
Canada Basketball
Hogtown Cure
Taylor Taylor Design
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  • Down With Webster : 'One In A Million'
    WORK // Projection Mapping

    Music video by Down With Webster performing One In A Million. Video shot in April of 2013.
    2013 MMVA Nomination for Pop Video of the Year

    Directed By - Aaron A Bertrand
    Video production - The Field
  • BMW - Engineering Beauty

    How does one go about making a sports car known all over the world for excellence look even better? Easy, add one Derooted Experiential team to one world class photographer and watch as amazing happens. With only 3 hours to map, project and shoot a BMW 6 Series Coupe for the Contact Festival, Derooted and photographer Javier Lovera were able to capture magic in action. visit the website

    Derooted - 3D Scanning & projection Mapping
    Javier Lovera - Photography

    To make a big impression at the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival, Nike knew it needed to make a big impression to turn heads on the ultra competitive party scene. And it wasn’t enough that they had brought in none other than the world famous DJ Jazzy Jeff for the occasion but they had to take it one step further. With only one week to pull off the ultimate party experience, the Derooted Creative team went to work and developed a one-of-kind interactive party experience. By designing a unique DJ booth with nearly a dozen surfaces for interactive projections, Nike truly had the party that was the talk of the festival and for one night, it was DJ Jazzy Jeff and Derooted, not the Fresh Prince.

    Derooted - Design & Development of an Interactive DJ Booth . Video content production & editing . 3D Rendering . DJ booth construction
  • Henrieta Haniskova Photography
    WORK // Branding, web, promotional materials and communications

    In an effort to stand out amongst the crowd in a city full of professional photographers, Henrieta needed a brand that would set her apart from the competition. A final logo was created using Henrieta’s initials, illustrating an entirely new brand that was her own. This newfound brand identity was consistently showcased across a variety of mediums including print (stationary, business cards, postcards) and online (website). Most importantly, photographs from Henrieta’s portfolio were included as the focal point of all promotional materials in an effort to display her talent. visit the website
  • Dylan Murray (NelStar Records)
    WORK // Branding, website, social media, album artwork and design

    As an emerging singer/songwriter on the Canadian music scene, Dylan Murray is the first artist to be launched by Canada’s own NelStar Records.

    Founded by Nelly Furtado, NelStar is bringing Dylan Murray to the world and Derooted is excited to be the team behind his dynamic aesthetic and engaging social and online platforms. From Toronto to the world, Dylan’s introduction to the music scene has been a long time coming and his work with Derooted provided necessary platform to stand out and literally be seen and heard. visit the website
  • John Kenneth Hats
    WORK // Branding, web, promotional materials and communication

    As one of Canada’s premier milliners, John Kenneth knew that when launching his business, he needed the perfect brand and online platform to match his unique style. So in true theater form, enter Derooted at stage left to provide the perfect blend of aesthetic and function to John Kenneth Hats. From a subtle yet powerful brand identity to a website with a luxurious look and feel, Derooted was able to articulate just what it means to be at the top of the hat making game. visit the website
  • Leon Frazer
    WORK // Web design

    For a firm established before World War II, embracing change is never an easy task. In doing so, Leon Frazer & Associates Investment Council tasked Derooted with making the firm more accessible to a new generation of investors looking for private wealth management.

    After developing a strong understanding of the firm and its core values, the Derooted Design team was able to deliver a website that incorporated both the history of the firm as well as the path it seeks to follow in engaging with new investors in an evolving marketplace. visit the website
  • Fritzy's Frozen Yogurt
    WORK // Branding, web, social media, POS, signage, packaging, promotional materials and communications

    With a focus on customer experience, we wanted to motivate individuals to get creative and “choose their sweet adventure.” The end result was a brand designed to emphasize a warm, fun-loving atmosphere where individuals could come together and thoroughly enjoy each other’s company.

    The same mood is clearly communicated through a socially integrated and mobile accessible website. Owing to the success of their current model, Fritzy’s plans for the future include expansion across Toronto through franchising and other business partnerships. visit the website
  • Above Ground Art Supplies
    WORK // Branding, Web, Social Media, Way finding, E-commerce, promotional materials, product catalogue and communications

    The Above Ground Art Supplies store and brand has been a landmark of Toronto’s art community for almost 30 years. With the goal of adding a sense of timelessness to the brand, our work started with an updated and smart logo that subtly incorporates art supplies into a clean yet sophisticated type. Once the brand was firmly established, the Derooted team extended efforts into the online world through a custom e-commerce website and integrated social media assets. Once the brand assets and platforms settled into place, the team then rolled them out via interactive promotional campaigns to get customers online and in-store. visit the website
  • FixIt!
    WORK // Branding / Social Media and Ad Material / Web Design and Development

    As Canada’s most active real estate market, Toronto is home to all things related to renovations and repairs. In recognizing the challenges associated with getting good work done, Fix It recognized that they needed to differentiate themselves in a competitive market and as such, turned to Derooted to bring it all together.

    By going to the next level in providing professional handyman services by providing access to industry veterans and trade specialists, Fix It knew it needed a great brand, a simple yet communicative website as well as an integrated approach to promotions utilizing both traditional and social media. The results speak for themselves as Fix It now positioned for success in Toronto and beyond. visit the website
  • Matcha Maya (Tea Market)
    WORK // Naming, branding, packaging, pos display

    It's not everyday that you get to work on a product that you happen to be addicted to. After working on a branding and web project for our client Tea Market, they approached us to develop a product and brand around their unique tea and cacao infusions. Drawing inspiration from origins, we created a set of symbols and patterns to distinguish the four available flavours. Mayan symbols juxtaposed with traditional Japanese patterns, along with cheeky names give this product a memorable aesthetic among the swarms of chocolate competitors out there.
  • Atlantic Ballet of Canada
    WORK // Website design and development, social media implementation

    As Atlantic Canada’s only professional ballet company, Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada reached out to Derooted in search of a fresh approach. Like many organizations bringing arts and culture to audiences, the need to increasingly reach out to new markets in new ways was a pressing one. By creating an online platform for this, Derooted was able to open the Atlantic Ballet’s doors, literally and figuratively, to an arts community in transition.

    From an interactive and aesthetically pleasing website, to the implementation and integration of various social media platforms, Atlantic Ballet was able to go from being talked about to being part of the conversation. visit the website
  • Canadian Council For Refugees
    WORK // Multi-page report, layout and design

    NGO's put out hundreds of reports every year, they quickly become bland and uninteresting when little if any thought or effort has been put into their design and layout. The Canadian Council for Refugees asked us to help them defeat this problem and design a report that would captivate their audience and engage them with the reports findings and data.
  • Canada Basketball

  • Hogtown Cure

  • Taylor Taylor Design

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CLIENTS : Past & Present

Above Ground Art Supplies
Art Bound
Atlantic Ballet Of Canada
Bay St Bull
Canada Basketball
Canadian Council For Refugees
Come And Get It!
Down With Webster
Fix It!
Fritzy’s Frozen Yogurt
Franci Duran
Henrieta Haniskova
Iclothing Co.
Inprint Collective
Javier Lovera
John Kenneth
Korhani Home
Leon Frazer
Marble Town
Mobile Genius
Nelstar Records
Pippa Latex
Sportbox Group
Taylor Taylor Design
Tea Market
The Hogtown Cure
World Mastercard Fashion Week


Leading the charge on all things design related at Derooted, Simon Rojas takes an approach to design where by through our holistic creative brief process, the firm is able to tap into the ideal aesthetic sought by clients.  Crossing all platforms from web to interactive to traditional media, the our design team places an emphasis on understanding where our clients are coming from, where they envision themselves going and tap into visual creations and brands that speak directly to the target.


When it comes to the way consumers relate to and address media and communication, Amir Ebrahimnia is seen in the industry as a leader and early adopter to all things in the online world.  By focusing on bringing clients an expertise and understanding for where technology meets media and communications, our Interface team works to position our clients comfortably at a place whereby they are able to utilize tools and platforms that were previously either foreign to them altogether or being used ineffectively thus rendering them a drain on resources.  Turning technology into a strength for our clients is what the Interface team does best and by constantly keeping on top of trends, the firm is in position to have an ongoing relationship with our clients for years to come.


Our Interactive team at Derooted, effectively known as the LAB, led by Derooted Principles, Amir and Simon as well as assorted professional and personal contemporaries of the firm who’s true strength is seen in the collaboration towards creating and developing true interactive and experiential design and creative solutions for our clients.  By leveraging cutting edge technologies, marketing concepts and multi-media platforms, the LAB is able to tap into the essence and vision of our client’s brands allowing them to truly distinguish themselves from their competition.  Conveniently, it is the work of the LAB that truly sets Derooted apart from competitors by offering the marketplace something that is truly unique and intended to make an impact beyond the expected from traditional platforms.

Passion Feeds Action
Ours is a mutual journey in search of authentic inspiration.
We want to unearth the original spark of passion that
compelled you to bring your product or service to market.
Derooting your company and getting to the core allows us to find, communicate, and inject that passion back into your business.
For us, it’s about fully understanding with whom, what and why we are communicating; this is our passion, and our passion feeds action.
Plant, Nurture, Grow
From strategic creative planning to implementation, our fresh, concept-driven creative gets results. Working with the best in the business, Derooted provides access to a wide range of talent to bring any project to fruition. We are a full-service agency unbound by medium or traditions.
Simon Rojas – Creative Director | Simon is a well-seasoned Designer with over twelve years experience both in the North American and European advertising worlds. Having worked for the likes of McLaren McCann, Roots Canada, and BStreet Communications, he has had the opportunity to work for a varied array of A-Chip clients. These projects included retail graphics, packaging, business-to-business communications, large-scale exhibition installations, point-of-purchase materials and just about everything in between. Simon’s creativity knows no bounds.
Amir Ebrahimnia – CEO / Chief Interactive Media Director | Interactive media developer and a leading expert in media and web integration, specializing in new media and U/X Design as it relates to emerging interactive and experiential developments. He has worked with international organizations like the Tehran Bureau where his involvement has been documented to be very beneficial to the success of the controversial News Agency. Amir has an innate understanding of what new media is and the crucial role it plays in today’s world and exactly how to unlock its full potential with development of unique and creative Rich Media platforms.
David King — MBA Director of Business Development | David’s role consists of managing operations, oversight of all contractual commitment, as well as actively pursuing new business and strategic alliances. As a former banker at Canada’s largest financial institution, David brings to Derooted a high degree of accountability and corporate responsibility that works very well in tandem with the firms creative and production heads.