As 2013 starts up, I reflect on our previous year (Season 3) of business and think of the individuals I am thankful for in helping us make it another fantastic year. I particularly reminisce on the talented souls that warmed our swivel chairs and graced our Wacom tablets. We have been very fortunate and have had consistently growing interest in our internship program. Students and young professionals from all over the world who are driven and motivated to learn and be the best in their craft. Often resembling a UN gathering, they each bring their unique creative perspectives and global approach to problem solving and the creative process. Our body of work reflects these talents, these are individuals who got their hands dirty, pulled a shot of espresso or two, but always stayed on course to create great work.

From shy ping-pong masters to weekend Bollywood prancers, a Lemonade Empire heir and young hipsters without a care. These colourful characters often make us laugh and sometimes make us cry, over all they help keep us fresh and from becoming the old guys from the Muppets. When they depart it’s like what a porcupine must feel when it launches it’s quill; it is sad that a part of it has left, yet happy at the effectiveness of its creation. Or not… Never the less, we pride ourselves in providing a learning experience which equips our interns to go out and into the industry with tools and relevant experiences that will help them reach their career goals.

So… A roll call of the fine people who participated in our 2012 internship program: Guia Gali (design), Josh Bezemer (design), Becky Umweni (design), Cassie Choy (accounts),  Jennifer Laughlin (design), Fatima Gueye (design), Conrad Shen (design), Kerry Cai (design), Trishaala Ninan (design), Emilie Verdon (accounts), Fiorella Martinez (design), Hazen Wilcox (design), Joel Masson (web design), Brad MacDonald (design), Erica Whyte (web design), and Aaron Wheat (design). A huge thank you to all of the above mentioned, you are now a part of our family and will be harassed accordingly!

With that aside, I now put out an open call for submissions to our 2013 spots. Simply send us an email to [email protected] with the subject line 2013 Internship. Tell us a little about your self and why we should put up with you, attach your CV and Portfolio (link to online gallery is good too), hope that your kerning is up to par and we’ll get in contact with you. Bring it!