What is Projection Mapping

Projection mapping is the liberation of projected light! Not bound to keystone nor the surface on which you project. Having the ability to manipulate and shape light on the spot opens many doors and possibilities in main fields, the potential uses for projection mapping are seemingly endless. We can now make the environments around us come to life with rich dynamic content that doesn’t have to be linear. It can react, respond and interact with its audience.

3D Projection wall - AGO Massive 10 Event Toronto BMW 3D Projection mapping 3D Projection and mapping interactive DJ Booth - ReelHouse for TIFF. Interactive and reactive DJ Booth for DJ Jazzy Jeff 3D Projection of faces Music Video - Down With Webster : Chills 3D Projection Music Video - Down With Webster : One In A Million Nelly Furtado: Guerrilla Nuit Blanche Alter Condos Toronto - Photoshoot Set Design, 3D Projection Mapping

Take an everyday mannequin and give it a face, no a real face! Make them talk and tell you a story guiding you through an experience. Transform a parking lot into a pop-up guerrilla concert with a stadium visual experience. Give a DJ a real pedestal to preform from with a visual performance that reacts to every sound they play. Make a really fancy car disappear and bring it back as a piece of art right in front of your eyes while having all the flexibility in the world to change and continue creating right on the car. All of this and more is the result of using projection mapping as an invaluable tool.

Derooted projection mapping recent work



Art Gallery Of Ontario
Massive Ten HOTBED 2015

HotBed-AGO-3D-Projection-wallIn collaboration with the Art Gallery of Ontario, Derooted was commissioned to take over the main architectural feature of Bailey Court for their annual fundraiser Gala party, MASSIVE. This year’s theme, “Hotbed” was a huge success and Derooted was there with a massive 3D projection! Guests enjoyed a night filled with food, drinks, dancing and unforgettable art, all inspired by the cultural hotbed of Toronto.

We began with surveying the space and photographing the rooms feature, Utilizing some of the latest software for live visual performance and 3D projection mapping to establish a seamless screen on the automated wooden blinds which cover most of the South wall. The Derooted team then mapped each wooden block for custom content and projected using 3 Christie 14K lumen projectors.

Quickly becoming the parties main visual backdrop and a constant figure in guests social media posts. Needless to say the results were Massive!

Engineering Beauty

BMW-3D-ProjectionDuring the Contact Festival we collaborated with photographer Javier Lovera on an exciting project for BMW Canada. The ask? Make a sports car known around the world for excellence, look better.

In three hours, our experiential team, alongside the photographer, mapped, projected and shot a BMW 6 Series Coupe. The final result speaks for itself and the client was so impressed with the results that the photographs hang in their head office.

Nike Reel House
DJ Jazzy Jeff

2NIKE-REEL-House-3D-Projection-DJ-Jazzy-Jeff-DJ-BoothToronto International Film Festival is an incredibly saturated property posing a significant challenge for brands looking to make a splash. Nike knew it needed to make a big impression if they were going to turn heads in the ultra competitive party scene, so they brought in none other than the world famous DJ Jazzy Jeff.

But that wasn’t all.

For the occasion, we took it one step further and with only one week to pull off the ultimate party experience; our creative team was tasked with developing a one-of-a kind interactive party experience. We designed an interactive DJ booth with nearly a dozen surfaces for mapped projections synced to the music, allowing Nike to own the party that was the talk of the festival. And, for one night, it was DJ Jazzy Jeff and Derooted, not the Fresh Prince.

Down With Webster:

DDW-Facial-3D-Projection-MappingWe have had the pleasure to work with Director Aaron A Bertrand and Production company The Field on a couple of music videos for Down With Webster. Aaron sees the power and flexibility of using projection mapping on set. Often using a combination of digital lighting, body and face mapping as well as mapping on objects and walls, we are able to materialize a directors imagination. The video for One In A Million was nominated for Pop Video of the Year at the 2013 MMVA’s and featured our projection mapping of a three rear projected seamless content screens. Working on the music video for Chills had us doing facial mapping onto hands covering faces. Another video is in the can, so stay tuned for a new music video with some intense body projection mapping!

Music videos: One In A Million and Chills
Performed byDown With Webster
Directed byAaron A Bertrand
Video productionThe Field

Nelly Furtado :
Guerrilla Nuit Blanche (Toronto)

3D-Projection-Nelly-Furtado-Nuit-BlancheWhen imagination hits reality wild things can happen. In a balcony high above the city the derooted crew thought it would be cool to do a guerrilla performance from the balcony during Scotiabank Nuit Blanche with none other than Nelly Furtado. What happened next was a combination of guts and brains. A video mock-up, the clients instant approval and barely one sleepless week made Nelly’s live performance of the single Parking Lot a once in a lifetime experience for those who descended on site as soon as we released the location and artist details via social media. The music video was projection mapped onto the facades of three surrounding buildings to immerse them in the experience and accompany Nelly with a stadium like visual show in a niché Toronto lane way. Cool.