A battle of branding proportions

As academically tenderized fresh meat to the copywriting world, I’m finding it extremely difficult to brand myself. I have all of the necessary information, so I really should be able to distill myself down into one all encompassing message. I’ve had no problems coming up with a logo and tagline for my roller derby persona; a little medic symbol here, a hearse style ambulance there and bam! there’s Anne Bulance.

I’ve even been lucky enough to work on some great branding projects at Derooted. Taking the essence of who our clients are and what they do, and putting it into a tagline or web copy. It’s been a great experience as a Junior to learn the branding process and how to apply it using what’s given. For some reason I haven’t been able to prioritize the relevant messages of who or what I am. Anne Bulance was simple, she’s a derby girl who cashes (body) checks and takes names; unfortunately Jenn Keenan is a little more complex than that.

I thought I nailed down the key points of myself into a few words that tell you all about me in a paragraph. I’m now realizing that as I change and find new passions, the idea of my brand is changes too. Then comes the logo; I really don’t know how to instill my entire personality into one image that can fit onto a business card. Then I think, is that visual representation as important for me as a writer?

Sometimes I just want to give up and legally change my name to Anne Bulance for simplicity in branding life. Those days I know it’s officially time to ask for some help, and luckily I work with some amazingly talented and awesome people.


-Jenn / Anne Bulance