A Refreshing I

This next blog post just literally popped up in my Facebook update as I scanned through my friend’s post on a Cal Art student which did a magnificent animation piece. Toniko Pantoja, currently a 2nd year student created a film short called Crayon Dragon, which is a wordless narrative depicting a tale of a girl befriending a painted one winged dragon. Although short, the storytelling and ambient music weaved into the animation harmoniously leaving viewers wanting to know more of this strange world the girl has illustrated. The illustration is astounding as it embodies a semi-Disney essence with a more loose and sketchy style, which is quite refreshing. Much of the movements and panning were really well executed that added to the whimsical feel.

His other well-known piece, Serenade to Miette is also an excellent short depicting a quirky street magician/illusionist which is done in a similar art style of the Crayon Dragon and another example of how plot ingenuity can drive such elegance in animation.

As my initial interests as I first entered the design program at York were cartoons and comics, this was inspiring and reassured me that it didn’t necessarily take a large collective to create brilliant motion pieces. I have done time-based pieces myself, and have yet to try out an animated piece, but I would love to try one sometime…when I brush up on my drawing skills.