What better way to kick off 2011 than a blog post on one of our favorite Derooted topics; Augmented Reality.

This video was produced for the module “Digital Studio” at the Bartlett’s Adaptive Architecture and Computation Msc. An Android based phone sends OSC data to a processing sketch, controlling a “Manipulator” that interacts with a cloud of agents and modifies its configuration. The result is finally exported and rendered.

Screen-shot-2011-01-02-at-5.40.00-PM-150x150The Adaptive Architecture and Computation programme at UCL offers a unique perspective on the application of technology to the built environment.They  see technology not only as a means to create emergent form, but as a means to create an architecture that adapts to its occupation; one in which design is embodied within our experience of place, and the components of design are transparently embedded within the environment; one in which society and space are combined as a unitary entity, brought together through a knowledge and understanding of computation as applied to our presence in the world.

To achieve this synergy, they aim to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the practical skills required to create generative, emergent and responsive form, through exposure to real programming environments, alongside a solid grounding in analytic and synthetic techniques and the creation of physical systems engendering interaction and adaptation. A set of complementary modules provide a more cohesive experience for students, with a clear focus on the skills to be learnt within each module.