Bob Ross For Ever!

If you were a child in the mid-’80s or early ’90s, chances are you spent several afternoons with Bob Ross and his PBS show, The Joy of Painting. This show was amazing and had the uncanny ability to calm even the most ADD child. The man was basically an undercover babysitter who was responsible for managing most of your childhood anxiety.

Solving the creative Block

frustrated female studentYou feel surrounded. There are dead, horrible things that make you wrinkle your nose everywhere you look. You don’t get close enough to smell them, but you know that if you did, it would stink something awful. All you want is to discover something live and fresh, and you know it’s out there somewhere.

Click. Print. Gun.

So it appears the revolution will not be televised as much as printed on a reprap!

Cody R. Wilson is a University of Texas law student who founded the WikiWeapon Project AKA Defense Distributed, a 3D printed gun manufacturing initiative. Yup. Cody is printing himself an AR15 Assault Rifle from the comfort of his own home. To add fuel to the fire, he’s putting all the information online so that others too can join in on the fun. Click. Print. Gun.

Tools of the crusade

Finding the perfect fine-liner pen for an artist is much like dating. It can be costly, frustrating and overwhelming. However, when you find that perfect match…magic! All your trial and error ex-pens are soon collecting dust, because damn-it, your in love! Here’s a brief review of some of the relationships I’ve had with pens, past and present.