Derooted, Toronto’s fresh and full-service creative agency, has entered the rare world of digital mapping with photographer and engineer Javier Lovera. Recently, they embarked on a collaboration for the fourth annual BMW Art Auction, in support of the Air Canada Foundation.

“Javier was one of four photographers selected to participate and came to us to help visualize and showcase the aerodynamics and flow lines of the BMW 6 Coupe,” says Derooted CEO Amir Ebrahimnia. Lovera would then photograph the results of the mapped 3D projections on the car.

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Photographing in the BMW University in Whitby, Ontario, Canada, with some of the latest software for live visual performance and mapping, the Derooted team was able to fine-tune everything with a high level of precision on the fly. “This gave us room to explore different content options while getting a real-time visual outcome—instant creative gratification,” says Derooted Creative Director Simón Rojas.

The resulting images are amazing, and more than a few visual effects stood out from this project. Achieving the ghosting of the car made it “fly,” as if it was traveling at the speed of light. “Light is fluid, fast and intangible,” Rojas says. “It’s both reflected and absorbed, interacting differently with flat surfaces versus 3D objects. Add hurdles like key stoning, luminosity, light bleed and you have hours of geeking out in a blacked-out studio, feeling like a kid playing with toy cars and lights.”

More than just a trend, this artistic development could well be the look of the future of advertising, as clients can now see their products in a truly different light.

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By: Doug Wallace
Wallace Media