Board Game Love

Today marks my first week at Derooted and I figured I should take this time to tell you about one of my passions: board games. I know it sounds pretty nerdy but it’s something that I truly enjoy playing especially when I meet up with a bunch of like minded friends. Last month, my friends and I trekked down to the board game mecca, Snakes and Lattes, where we spent around three hours playing games. For someone who has well over forty board and card games at home, this was truly an amazing experience.

creative-agency_toronto_blog-img-board-game-love-2Among the many different games that exist, one of my favourites is called Dominion. Basically its a deck building card game that relies on strategic moves to help you build a Kingdom. Throughout the game you buy Treasure Cards and Action Cards that help you advance and eventually purchase what are called Victory Cards. At the end of the game, although your Victory Cards are the only ones that are counted, you still need to collect the other cards to move forward. Personally, I find this game interesting because one, it makes you think and two, it’s a game that has an endless amount of variations because each time the combination of Action cards differ.

Recently, a friend of mine introduced me to a game called Ascension, which is very much like Dominion. They are both deck building card games and at the end of the game it is the Honor Tokens that matter, not money. It’s an interesting game and it too has a vast number of variations. But apart from the game itself, what I love about both games are their beautifully illustrated cards. It’s interesting to see how they depict the meaning of the card and its action in the imagery. This is similar to design thinking whereby designers have to effectively portray a message to an audience through visual means. Sometimes the images themselves can be difficult to understand but when text is added it can make the decoding process a lot easier for the viewer. For some of the cards in these games, the images themselves may not be self explanatory but when you read the title, you can immediately understand the image better.

I could probably write a book about the great games out there but I don’t want to bore you or scare you away 🙂 So that sums up my spiel about board games and its connection to design thinking. See you next week!

– Trishaala