Everyone has a calling, some for fashion, some for business, some for art, but whatever their calling the most important thing that they can do is to recognize it and grasp a hold of their opportunities to create a future they can be passionate about. The field of photography is one in which it is highly important for an individual to forge their own path and to create their own unique identity. Photography is an art that is spread across such a wide variety of businesses such as fashion, art, advertising, food, travel, interiors, products, people, and the list goes on. In forging their career path a photographer must discover in which field their path lies; they must discover their true passion.

Henrieta Haniskova is an artist who has truly worked to forge her own path in the photography industry. Her portfolio reflects her eye for capturing the true essence of an individual’s emotion and aura in the moment to truly present visual stories. Her work is underlined by an emotionally charged visual intrigue with a subtle sense of humor, presented in a contemporary way that appeals to and resonates with the viewer. It is unique in its style, approach and content and interacts with the viewer by presenting a moment, an emotion, an idea and a story. Her deep and quick connections and empathy for individuals is a blessing in her photography. It brings strength to her skills at connecting with her subjects in a way that truly shines through the lens.

Henrieta has truly forged her own path in the world of photography and seized all opportunities to build herself to the successful artist she is today. As a young girl in Socialist Czechoslovakia, Henrieta’s life was headed in a rather different path. She was raised in a small medieval town where her time was spent daydreaming and drawing. Growing up she set on the career path of nursing, a job that she loved for its contact with people and requirement to stay calm in the face of trauma. However, the career proved difficult for Henrieta because of her deep empathy for others. She found herself too young to handle the amount of pain and suffering nursing brought with it. A change came about in the face of the Velvet Revolution of 1989, Henrieta was offered the opportunity to forge a new life in Canada and she bravely seized it. This was an opportunity that would transform Henrieta’s life. As she recognized her passion for the arts and photography she dedicated her first paycheck in Canada on her first camera, an OM1 Olympus manual SLR. This was just the beginning of Henrieta’s journey as a photographer, but an experience that sparked her inner passion. As she began her journey Henrieta took photography classes at the Toronto School of Art, through which she was inspired by the program and the motivation of her teachers to go to photography school. Her passion led her to work hard several years in order to make this dream a reality, and finally managed to get to Ryerson as a part time student. From here her inspiration and drive grew as she assisted commercial photographers freelance to learn and mentor from these amazing photographers.

The field of photography is vast, with so many options for the aspiring artist. Faced with these opportunities, Henrieta embarked on a journey of discovery and learned to find her place and passion in the industry. Initially she had aspirations of fashion photography, but desired to try and learn all other styles and businesses. Initially her work brought her to be hired by a travel website for whom she would fly to far destinations documenting through photography and video for two years. This job was an incredibly eye opening experience as it led her to the realization that what was of true importance to her was meeting and connecting with people on the job. Her strength for connection and empathy with the individual emerged. She discovered that what she really loved was photographing people and capturing their lives. This realization has led Henrieta to develop a portfolio of portraits that truly represent her skills and ideas. She has since been shooting editorials and some advertising work as well as corporate portraits and is proud to have opened her first solo show as a featured artist of the Contact festival in Toronto with her Elvis Tribute Artists series. This body of work is much acclaimed and has won her third place in the International Photography Awards in New York as well as first place in this years Contact photography festival competition.

Henrieta is in love with the work she does and her passion continues to grow as she builds her portfolio, experiences the success of her Elvis Tribute series and continues to work on editorial, corporate and advertising photography projects. Her success in the Contact art show has lit a fire of motivation and inspiration for future projects. With this success comes the hope and drive to make fine art a big part of her career and business in the future, and it is quite clear from her competition successes and beautiful work that this is a calling that is meant to be.

As Henrieta works to build and expand her business and create a brand image for herself she has looked to her friends at derooted, as both have continued to work together in close collaboration. The relationship between Henrieta and derooted began as a close friendship but has successfully developed into close collaboration between the two. It has been an incredible friendship and creative relationship playing with creative ideas, inspiring each other, and helping each other out. Henrieta is a close collaborating photographer for derooted. You can see a number of her images throughout our client sites and communications. We have also worked to help Henrieta along the route of her growing business by helping her brand in an incredible way that captures her personality and specific style perfectly through developing her logo and online assets such as her website. The relationship has worked out to the benefit of both groups as Henrieta lends her incredible talent and derooted effectively offers solutions that perfectly understand the marketing landscape today in the most effective and creative ways.

To take a look at some of Henrieta’s brilliant work see her website at henrietahaniskova.com to find her online portfolio or to commission her.

– Janine Lubey