It is often a challenge for artists to make art for a living as well as find ways to continue creating, considering the economy and the current cultural cutbacks cultivating these artists is extremely important. This is a feeling that the members of InPrint Collective share; a sense that artists need to band together to create support groups to ensure the growth of the art community. There are so many personal, political and social commentary messages that are shared through art. It is such an important form of expression and community; it is therefore necessary to promote and nurture this movement.

InPrint Collective is a group of artists, writers and academics, with a deep love for printmaking, who strive to achieve these ideals through the development and growth of the printmaking community. The grassroots group is composed of four member artists: Anisia Avram, Maaike Bouhuijzen-Wenger, Maureen Da Silva and Noelle Wharton-Ayer, who share a deep passion for art and a love of printmaking. The group came together to form InPrint Collective on the onset of graduating from the York University Print Media program. Unsure of what was to come next for themselves the artists knew two things, they loved printmaking and they loved the studio space and community that came along with the University program. InPrint Collective came out of these as a means of developing and re-creating this studio experience and holding on to the artist bonds that had developed. This social aspect, of coming together as artists to discuss and encourage art-making, was one of the main forces driving these artists to develop the group. But most of all it was their love for art and print making that bound them together.

InPrint Collective currently runs out of Maureen’s home, but they are constantly growing and developing, with plans of opening their own studio as they do. The not-for-profit group is constantly on the look out for new artists to get involved with the group and their upcoming events. Their ultimate goal is to have a shared eco-friendly printmaking facility, as their love for the earth runs just as deep as their love for printmaking. InPrint has taken the route of event planning to heart and have held a number of events promoting printmaking as well as celebrating art including: a summer series of artist talks held at Alternative Grounds Coffee Shop, gallery shows, artist exhibitions (including York University print media students), talks and exhibitions with the InPrint Collective artists, a benefit concert as well as their highly successful Print or Treat Halloween event. These events work to exhibit and promote the work of artists and students and to raise awareness for the art form. These artist talks provide opportunities for artists and students to give illustrated talks that are based on their own research or in-studio work. All the events and work of the InPrint Collective help to support themselves and other emerging artists as they work to get out in the public. They desire to help promote and young artists as well as nurture artists work by developing a space for printmakers to practice as well as offer printmaking classes to spread the print love.

InPrint is an incredible grassroots group dedicated to keep printing and keep printing together who have paved their way along a challenging path. The group’s love for art and desire for growth have led them down the path to event planning to spread the word of the group and art. As mentioned earlier these events have worked to gain the support of the community and art lovers alike and generate an incredible buzz for the organization. This all came together recently with the help of Derooted Creative Agency, working hand in hand to develop the brand and spread the word through events and social media. This partnership began with Derooted helping to transform InPrint’s website to an easily accessible and navigated page that could be easily updated by the group members. This site improvement helped to put the group as well as their artwork into the public view and improve the groups social media reach. From here the development of a Twitter page came into play as well as linking everything together successfully to the Facebook page. Today social media is one of the most incredible ways for organizations to get personally involved and in touch with their members and it posed a perfect experience for the printmaking followers, lovers and members of InPrint.

The partnership did not stop with the online world, Derooted also worked to help develop and advertise the Print or Treat Print Halloween fundraiser. This was an incredible opportunity to let the creative juices flow as Derooted created a variety of unique ways to draw the public attention to the event. One of the most popular items were Trick or treat miniature treat bags that were placed around the city filled with candy to grab individuals attention and invite them to the event. This was an extremely successful fundraiser that not only raised awareness but also excitement and helped build relationships for InPrint with supporters and the community. Both sides have been very happy with the extremely positive results of the event as well as the social media and website transitions which is truly a testament to the success of this partnership. From here InPrint has continued to flourish and will continue to bring printmaking to the city and share their enthusiasm for the craft with everyone.

InPrint is constantly in the works for new events and workshops. They recently held their Stomping Grounds event that was an exhibition of InPrint Collectives ‘In Store Series’ to will provide emerging artists with the opportunity to exhibit their work and build ties with the community. In addition 30% of the art sales were donated to the Red Cross to help support their global aid efforts. If you have any questions about upcoming events, InPrint itself, or are interested in submitting work please visit InPrint’s website at and join there Facebook page for the latest up to dates.

-Janine Lubey