In today’s world things move so fast; technology is constantly changing and you can never seem to be fully on top of what is happening. For a lot of people these fast paced changes are a huge issue. In the past, technological advancements such as the automobile, television and jet air, led to swift transformations in society then settled down to a manageable pace of change. However, with the development of digital and online technology, society seems to be moving at lightening speed, ever changing and never settling. This can be very unnerving to a number of people who are not accustomed to this technology or consistently involved with it. For these individuals, it may seem like society is moving too quickly for them to catch up. This is where the tech savvy masters of Mobile Genius have taken it upon themselves to provide a solution and a helping hand for these individuals in a time when things just don’t seem to take a break.

Mobile Genius is an all in one technology and electronics solution developed to help solve people’s technology needs as well as educate them on these technologies. The company came about as Antoni Tzavelas recognized that technology seemed to be moving too fast for some people to catch up. These individuals desire to use and understand the products, but as society continues to transform and develop things move at an alarming pace. He understood that technology can be frustrating and difficult at times and wanted to provide a service to help these individuals, no matter what their needs. A lot of people recognize the benefits of technology and desire to use it but simply don’t know how. Antoni realized that these individuals had no one to truly turn to except tech savvy family members or friends who usually had little time or patience to explain as well as set up or teach them about what they needed to know. Antoni was able to use is technical knowledge, as well as his desire to help people, to develop the company Mobile Genius in order to help get these individuals on the technological track.

Mobile Genius differs from other electronics set up and support companies as it possesses the ability to provide help on any technological device or product ranging from computers, entertainment systems and video consoles to smart phones, wiring and security systems. They focus on four main points: setup, service, teach and electronics. The company offers more than simply knowledge and experience, they offer patience, compassion and knowledge during a process that they understand can be very frustrating and difficult. They are not only willing to provide technological set up and education but also a hand throughout the experience. Mobile Genius is a company that is equipped with highly tech savvy employees and also cares about the customer. They understand that everyone needs a hand and everyone can use a genius, it is a company built not only with the user in mind but developed fully around the user.

Throughout the process and development of Mobile Genius a strong relationship has been built between itself and Derooted Creative Agency. Antoni is extremely passionate about the company and eager to run with it, the relationship has brought Antoni to slow things down and make sure things are done right. Mobile Genius brings to the table the knowledge, skill and technology and Derooted has worked to harness this into sense of branding that reflects the companies true persona. Derooted has worked with the company to solidify a brand identity and vision while developing a marketing strategy to suit it. As a technology set up and support company it is to be connected fully with the online and social media community. Derooted has worked with Antoni to develop a clear and decisive website while fully connecting Mobile Genius with the social media world. Thanks to this relationship Mobile Genius now has a true standing presence in the online and social media community as well as a distinct and professional, brand identity. This relationship has benefited both sides; thanks to Antoni, Derooted has hold on the technological advances to pass on to their clients and the strength to stand fully equipped in the technological community. This is a relationship that will continue to grow and benefit as Mobile Genius spreads and develops in the Toronto (GTA) community.


If you are interested in receiving set up or support help on any of your electronics, please visit Mobile Genius online at and check out all the company has to offer. Also, if you are a tech savvy electronics genius, Mobile Genius is on the look out for employees who love to help others and share their knowledge, take a look at the website for more information.

– Janine Lubey