March_Madness___Player_PoolCouldn’t be happier to let you all know that derooted will be running the official Canada Basketball March Madness fantasy pool. Sign up and show support for our almost 30 Canucks in this years tourney…….you know We Love This Game! ok so here’s the full scoop:


(1) Select a fantasy team of 12 players WITH A MINIMUM OF 5 CANADIAN PLAYERS participating in the NCAA Basketball Tournament that conforms to the following roster:

(3 guards, 3 forwards, 2 forward/centers and 4 flex)


(2) All players are active for all games that their teams participate in throughout the tournament. The ‘First Four’ round is excluded.

(3) Earn points as players accumulate fantasy points in each game per this Fantasy scoring (Per Point = 1, Rebound = 1.5, Assist = 1.5, Steal = 2, Block = 2, and Turnover = -0.5). The winner has the most points at the end. The tiebreaker will be most fantasy points scored in the finals round; a coin flip will be used further.

(4) There is no free-agency. Players that are on teams that are eliminated cannot be replaced.

(5) This contest will allow up to 500 participants. One entry per person. Entries for this contest will be accepted between 3/18/2012 and 10AM EST on 3/21/2013. Teams with partial entries will be removed. Winners will be announced on or about Tuesday April 9th, 2013.

(6) This contest is FREE to enter and no purchase is necessary.


Please create an account then return to this page to register for the contest.

Prizes and Participation

(1) Contestants participate by signing up with Fantasy Postseason and entering a Fantasy team of 12 players participating in the NCAA Basketball Tournament. Each team must consist of a WITH A MINIMUM OF 5 CANADIAN PLAYERS.

(2) Prizes awarded to the winners are as follows:
– 1st Place Winner – A Canada Basketball Apparel Prize Pack (approximate total value of $120)
– 2nd & 3rd place – Canada Basketball Sweaters (approximate total value of $70)
– 4th to 8th place – Canada Basketball Nike T-Shirts (approximate value of $30)
– 9th to 12th place – Canada Basketball 90th Anniversary T-Shirts (approximate value $20)

(3) All contestants agree that they have complied with all contest rules, and that Canada Basketball may publicize winner’s information.

(4) All personal information including email addresses provided by contestants will be kept confidential and secure except for use in this contest and the promotion thereof.

(5) All decisions made by Canada Basketball judges are final and binding.

(6) Canada Basketball reserves right to cancel or modify this contest if it determines that the contest can’t be run as originally planned or if fairness or integrity of contest compromised.

(7) Canada Basketball may substitute prizes of equal value if original prizes can’t be awarded.

(8) All winning contestants agree to release Canada Basketball from any liability associated with these prizes.

(9) This Fantasy Game is being administered by Canada Basketball and Fantasy Postseason is not responsible for its operation or the awarding of prizes proposed herein.