Friends don’t give friends chlamydia

creative-agency_toronto_blog-img-chlamydia-campaign-advertising-ontario-4Sometimes friends sleep with friends. This video takes a look at what one irresponsible night can do to the people around you. In this campaign, people admit to having an STI in a theatre and play the blame game. The creative minds behind it make STI’s more normal and approachable and takes away a lot of the negative stigma around having one. The message is entertaining and clear: Be safe. If you’re not, get tested. Get treated.

Say Hello To Duo

This week the good folks at NUI Group introduced their latest project to the world.

NUI Group with collaboration with Code Laboratories, introduces a DIY 3D motion tracking to the masses. The NUI Group has a history in allowing anyone to create multi-touch systems and with this project they have further extended their reach into the future of HCI & NUI.

Web Design Initiation

Becoming an amateur web designer is a lot like heading to a new grocery store without a list. When you look around, there are just so many things to choose from, it’s overwhelming. How do you pick out what you need? What if one is better than the other, or more suited to what you want? Well, maybe you should do your research and come back a little bit more prepared next time. Just kidding, it really is a difficult process.

super bowl commercials 2013

Well its that time of the year again. Superbowl Sunday and all its glory! ehemm ..

Personally I couldn’t give a flying saucer who plays and who wins. I imagine most creatives feel the same as I do. The suites in the office (david) seem to love their games but me? I love the commercials.