Wacky, Wonderful, Wallace Media

Towards the end of 2009 we had a client referred to us by a good friend (thanks J.C.!). Our initial contact via email quickly led me to believe that this was going to be one of those projects that you can really have fun with. This wasn’t necessarily because of the project itself, but rather because of the client and their passion for their trade. Doug Wallace, the charm and brains behind Wallace Media was pure laughs throughout the creative process. He had a clear vision of where he wanted us to go with his site from the very beginning, “I want a floating, rotating cube”! His constant attention to detail made me smile as I realized we had already noted many of the same revisions before he had even requested them.

Thursdays are mine

As a serial entrepreneur, I personally never really saw it as much of a stretch for my business to enter into the world of creative advertising and design but having worked with and spent time with my friends at Derooted over the past several months, I’ve not only learned a few things but also managed to have some fun with these gentlemen (and now one lady) in the process. So when I was asked last week to start contributing to their blog, I thought it was an excellent opportunity to get back to writing and as Amir so eloquently put it a couple of days ago in his post, get back to “building your community and interacting”.

PRESS RELEASE: TehranBureau partnership with PBS FrontLine

It gives us great pleasure to announce the partnership of our client, Tehran Bureau, and PBS Frontline, the renowned investigative journalism series in the United States.

derooted Creative Agency has been the agency of record for Tehran Bureau since its launch earlier this year. derooted played a major role in the success of Tehran Bureau, in part through advanced use of social networking sites to promote its coverage and to create a platform to quickly and efficiently disseminate news, video and photos of the demonstrations that erupted after the June 12 election.

Americas top three design mistakes

After posting the Paul Rand video someone sent us this. ABC’s 20/20 drops yet another compelling story, The top three design mistakes made by Americans. I have to admit that I got out of my chair and applauded the first and oh so crucial point, NEVER use Comic Sans! If you know me and have left me near your computer, chances are I have already uninstalled it. If not, get rid of it! Too many times have I almost crashed my bike because I’ve been blinded by the grotesque, blatant use of said font in out door advertising. With so many amazing fonts available there is NO excuse for using Comic Sans, but if you find yourself in a bind (no $ for typography) hit up dafont or tap your network of designers whom are bound to have a goody bag filled with typefaces.