snappity snap snaps

Photography has always fascinated me. I’m that person with a hundred photos of every event, trip etc and while I don’t consider myself a photographer by any means, I nevertheless can appreciate some good photography (or at least what I find interesting). There’s a lot of great photographers that collaborate with derooted, and Simon’s imminent involvement with CONTACT has loosely inspired my post today. Its more inspired by the concept of non-traditional photography and showcasing it using new mediums. Stop Motion animation is certainly nothing new. However, what was once rather limited for the guy/girl at home has become far more accessible. All u need is a decent camera, a huge SD card, a great idea, some degree of computer skills are a plus but not necessary, and in most cases A LOT OF TIME ON YOUR HANDS! Check out some personal favorites…

Ok Go!

If you haven’t already caught on to phenomenon that is sweeping the globe, you may want to consider that you live under a rock. UK band Ok Go has released yet another memorable music video. Ok Go became a huge global success when they first released the music video to “Here it goes again.” Their unconventional style and out-of-the-box creative scored them big points. If you haven’t already seen this video, you can catch it on youtube where it has already hit the 1,491,426 mark in views in only one short year. – (view here)

Rap show at a Rock Club

So after having been ditched by Mos Def twice in a month, I must admit that I was kind of looking forward to seeing Wale perform earlier this week hoping to get some sort of redemption from seeing an up-and-coming artist after being ditched by the vet. Truthfully I didn’t even know that he was performing in town until last weekend when I was turning the pages of the newspaper Saturday morning as I’m known to do and discovered that the DC rapper, most famous for his song featuring Lady Gaga, was to perform to a small crowd at none other than Tattoo Rock Parlor.

Who knew? (Benefits of drinking tea)

l though it would be fun to blog about last night’s hockey game and our current overwhelming and deserved Canadian pride; it is now time to get back to my daily reality. Last week, while researching facts about tea for our client over at Tea Market, I stumbled across some very interesting and potentially LIFE-CHANGING facts. If you don’t already drink tea, you may feel inclined to after you read my post – which is my intention anyway.

Magical vintage love

As my mother-in-law knows all too well, I really like old things. Vintage illustrations and package design hold a very special place in my heart. While shopping for pens at Midoco in the Annex I was drawn to the bright packaging for Ridley’s house of novelties toys which just popped off the shelf. Ridley’s has a line of about 20 classic toys, games and magic tricks, all with amazing packaging. The simple illustrations jump at you from their bright, lively backgrounds, bordered with old newspaper and screen printing textures. The typography is clean and bang on for the look and feel, making it an all around 10 in the school of k.i.s.s. (keep it simple stupid).

Today is a Good Day

And so it’s Thursday again and it’s a good day. Sure I may have skipped the Raps game last night but it was for a good cause: I hung out with my little brother and watched Canada whoop the Russians in a little Olympic hockey tilt that was tabbed as one of the greatest games ever but ended up being a complete blowout of Ovechkin & Co.. So there I was watching the game and enjoying some adult beverages fully knowing that I should be staying on top of my work when it hit me that this was in actuality work and not only was I doing some market research but also getting some valuable material for my Thursday blog post.