Olympic Fever

Today is day 11 of the Vancouver Olympics.  If you don’t know this, you live under a rock.  With all of the media coverage and newspapers splashed with Olympic pride, it is hard to avoid Olympic fever.  So, in the spirit of the Olympics, I want to ask my readers what you think of the different TV spots currently airing.  Some major contenders eagerly fighting to win our loyalty include Bell Canada, RBC Royal Bank, Petro Canada, RONA, McDonalds and Coca-Cola.  The advertisers are using both patriotism and air time as a tool to gain top-of-mind awareness in the consumer.  How effective is this?  Are these major brands winning you over through the power of  Olympic pride or are they just wasting their money attempting to get through the clutter of the Olympics?  Which spots are winning and which are not?

I’m interested to know your thoughts.


Thursdays are mine

As a serial entrepreneur, I personally never really saw it as much of a stretch for my business to enter into the world of creative advertising and design but having worked with and spent time with my friends at Derooted over the past several months, I’ve not only learned a few things but also managed to have some fun with these gentlemen (and now one lady) in the process. So when I was asked last week to start contributing to their blog, I thought it was an excellent opportunity to get back to writing and as Amir so eloquently put it a couple of days ago in his post, get back to “building your community and interacting”.

Use your Hands!

Art and design have always been a barometer of the times and current cultural climate. Typography in the Renaissance was a direct interpretation of ornate handwriting of the day. Renewed interest in Greco-Roman culture influenced the Humanist type faces that basically define modern typography to this day etc. etc..I could sit and regurgitate Robert Bringhurst’s “The Elements of Typographic Style” but Id rather not.

The Importance of Blogging

I may just be the worst person in the entire world for maintaining my own blog but lets face it; Blogging is if not more important than voting in the elections. As an advertising agency / creative boutique this is one of the very first things we explain to our clients. The importance of building your community and interacting to your target market. Its not as difficult as you may think so go ahead and start a blog.

Week one as an intern

I have officially completed my first week as an intern here at Derooted. I have been asked to write a personal blog, which is another first for me on the job. Although I have expanded my Adobe skills considerably in the past week, I thought it would be more fun to blog about the things I’ve learned about Derooted.

Inaugural Throw-Down

On Thursday December 3rd our doors opened for our studio’s Inaugural Throw-Down. We called in the troops on the weekend finished painting, put our idea boards back up, planted our Canadian moss, picked up the new lamp, printed and mounted our work, added some finishing touches, and last but quite importantly, we had our pimpin’ Rancilio coffee machine fixed and running like a Ferrari thanks to the very talented Afshin!