Branding of Henrieta Haniskova

Everyone has a calling, some for fashion, some for business, some for art, but whatever their calling the most important thing that they can do is to recognize it and grasp a hold of their opportunities to create a future they can be passionate about. The field of photography is one in which it is highly important for an individual to forge their own path and to create their own unique identity. Photography is an art that is spread across such a wide variety of businesses such as fashion, art, advertising, food, travel, interiors, products, people, and the list goes on. In forging their career path a photographer must discover in which field their path lies; they must discover their true passion.

Optometry — Behind The Scenes

Simon and I have made a lot of progress with our installation and exhibit. The deadline is looming and we’ve been putting some long hours to develop our presentation and concept. The most time consuming part so far has been building the optometry installation.

Use your Hands!

Art and design have always been a barometer of the times and current cultural climate. Typography in the Renaissance was a direct interpretation of ornate handwriting of the day. Renewed interest in Greco-Roman culture influenced the Humanist type faces that basically define modern typography to this day etc. etc..I could sit and regurgitate Robert Bringhurst’s “The Elements of Typographic Style” but Id rather not.

Americas top three design mistakes

After posting the Paul Rand video someone sent us this. ABC’s 20/20 drops yet another compelling story, The top three design mistakes made by Americans. I have to admit that I got out of my chair and applauded the first and oh so crucial point, NEVER use Comic Sans! If you know me and have left me near your computer, chances are I have already uninstalled it. If not, get rid of it! Too many times have I almost crashed my bike because I’ve been blinded by the grotesque, blatant use of said font in out door advertising. With so many amazing fonts available there is NO excuse for using Comic Sans, but if you find yourself in a bind (no $ for typography) hit up dafont or tap your network of designers whom are bound to have a goody bag filled with typefaces.