In 1883 Clark’s Shoes launched the Hygienic range; shoes and boots made around a bespoke wooden last. It was a giant leap forward in the design, construction and comfort of footwear. Now it’s the inspiration for another milestone in the coming together of form and function – a fusion of the shoemaker’s craft and innovation that we call Trigenic Flex.

When people think of craftsmanship, the mind naturally envisions the ‘old world’. We value that tradition of craftsmanship, but we also recognize Clarks as a brand that blends modern design, technique and technology with those century old practices. The latest milestone in the fusion of the shoemaker’s craft and advanced technology is a shoe we call Trigenic Flex. To celebrate this collision of old and new, we have founded a unique effort to mash up the old world of craftsmanship and the new world of technology. We believe in craftsmanship, both old and new, and we’re proud to bring them together.

The Clarks Mashup Campaign is inspired by its Trigenic line of shoes – a true reflection of marrying craft and new technology, keeping the heart of the brand beating.