frustrated female studentYou feel surrounded.  There are dead, horrible things that make you wrinkle your nose everywhere you look.  You don’t get close enough to smell them, but you know that if you did, it would stink something awful.  All you want is to discover something live and fresh, and you know it’s out there somewhere.  But the more you push, the more these lifeless things fling themselves at you.  It’s not a zombie apocalypse.  It’s a creative block.

Just as bad though, right?  The creative block, similar in nature to the writer’s block, is an absolute nightmare to creative people.  Especially when it effects your job.  It feels like someone has taken your brian and squeezed it until there’s nothing left.  And then they stepped on it for good measure.  But there has to be a way to overcome this monstrous block.  So stop banging your head against the wall and take a look at some steps that may resolve the issue.  They can hardly make it worse, can they?

1.  Do more research.  You never know, you might stumble across an interesting fact or two that ultimately push you in the right direction.  Just cram your head solid with all of the information you can get your hands on.

2.  Step away from the sketch book.  Maybe you just need a break from all this idea generation.  Go have a coffee or read an article on buzzfeed, come back fresh after a few minutes away.

3.  Get it all down on paper.  Perhaps you just have to ride it through.  Sketch everything.  Write everything.  Even if you know it’s awful.  You’ll get the silly ideas out of your head, and hopefully you’ll free up some space for good ideas.

4.  Go take a shower or something.  A mundane task that will keep your mind free to wander.  And hey, while you’re in the bathroom, consider you might be blocked in more than one way.  Nyuk.

5.  Talk to people.  There’s nothing quite like a fresh opinion.  Chat with another creative about what you’re doing.  Bounce ideas off of them, and allow them to give you their thoughts on your project.  Keep in mind, if they suck worse than you, you don’t have to listen to them.

6.  Take on another project.  Get busy with more than one thing to break up the monotony.  Yes, you may not be as concentrated, but you also won’t be as frustrated.

By: Becky Dagenais