Aesthetics feel tired.
Brain flow feels mired.
Deadline meeting required.Eureka-791x1024

Oh! That’s so inspired.

The above, however, not so much. But it’s an interesting topic that’s been on the creative mind forever and back. Is inspiration explainable? I’m not so sure. Sometim es we find it in the palm of our hand, sometimes we pull it out of the ether, sometimes other people pull it out of the ether, sometimes it’s collective, sometimes it’s retrospective, sometimes it takes footsteps, sometimes it takes mistakes. Sometimes…well, this could go on forever, and it probably will.

“Eureka!” – A man inspired.

The creative mind is fueled by inspiration. It’s like food or water or gasoline. You’ll die without it. So it’s a bit necessary.

For instance, while I write (type?) this, I don’t feel all that inspired; all I see is empty space before a flashing cursor. What can I do now? I can wait to think of a way to approach the topic, I could sit here with my sketchbook drawing stream-of-consciousness doodles until something “clicks”.

findinginspiration_2-298x300Inspiration is a funny thing in the modern artistic climate. I’m sure you’ve been told before that it’s all been done before. Perhaps creativity these days is just the careful sourcing, refinement and recycling of ideas past, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Who really knows though? You can see a website design in a shop window, colours in the sunset, and that’s not stealing ideas (though, it’s probably been done before).

I think in the end, finding inspiration comes from the environment you create for yourself; mentally and physically. It takes an open-mindedness to observe things that would normally go unnoticed. It takes a willingness to experiment and explore possibilities that may not even be there until they happen in front of you. Above all, though, it takes patience. Sometimes, it clicks right away, but often times it takes a while to get started. It’s one of the truisms of design…creativity takes time.

Anyway, I don’t have some special tricks I can share and I’ve never been one to impart wisdom. But breathe in the ether, or look in a shop window. Talk to the intern, take a walk down a street you’ve never been before. What ever it is, just make sure you’re creating the right culture and it will click eventually.

(The header and first graphic are inspired by the last, which is a painting by the brilliant Maria Zaikina, found here )