amir-and-shazWow what a beautiful Sunday afternoon here in Toronto : Friday nights “back to the 80’s” charity fundraiser was an absolute success. Derooted studios are ecstatic and proud to be a part of this initiative. Who knew an 80’s theme was just what the doctor ordered. We raised a whopping $150,000 to build the first project, the Artbound Art School in Kenya, Africa. Truly incredible! No seriously. It was off the proverbial hook.

The star studded list included such names as former MP & Canadian businessperson, philanthropist Belinda Stronach, Free the Children founder and co-founder of Me to We. Craig Kielburger, CTV’s rising star Seamus O’Regan, ETalk darling Tanya Kim, Federal MP (former Minister of Education) Gerard Kennedy, Super hot MTV Host Aliya-Jasmine Sovani as well as the much much adored  MuchMusic VJ’s Sarah Taylor, Liz Trinnear and Jesse Giddings.

Every last cent will go into start construction of our first Art School in Kenya by the end of this year. To get involved or learn more about the initiative, click here.

Here’s a video clip of the event. Stay tuned for more news on Artbound and keep your ears to the ground for more events.


I received several emails in response to Friday nights event this morning in which I think worthy of quoting from a number of dedicated individuals involved with this phenomenal  project;


Seamus O’Regan (CTV) writes:

Seamus_Oregan“Isn’t it an amazing thing when months and months of hard work actually produces something people will remember for years to come?
Oh, yeah – we also raised $150,000 for an arts school in Africa!

(You thought my hair was wild last night? You should see it now…)

Marcello Cabezas
(Mac Ideas) writes:

Marcello_Cabezas“something happened last night. It was like a shift. Everyone there really felt part of something big. While there is a committee and core group behind this, I have never been to something where EVERYONE in attendance felt part of this journey. It was genuine and real, and beautiful to see. Not contrived. But very real. Everyone wanted to let their hair down and just feel free. To laugh, to dance, to create. I have never been to anything like that before. It was amazing. In terms of the event, it was pretty much flawless, on all levels“


Jason Dehni (Scotia Bank) writes:

Jason_Dehni“What can I say other than that was by far the most incredible fundraiser I have ever been to! Truly. Congratulations to the entire pARTy Committee for hosting, what will be, the most talked about event of the year!!!”


Zark Fatah writes:

Zark_Fatah“In my professional career I’ve hosted / promoted some fun events. Last nights party was hands down one of the best parties I have ever had the pleasure of being a part of.

The vibe, music, performances, costumes and bad hair were all totally awesome! Thank you for the opportunity to host this amazing event, my partners and I are stoked to do it again next year!

Congrats to all of you for throwing one heck of a party!”