While enjoying the last few days of my honeymoon at the beginning of August, I got a wifi connection and was able to get on Facebook and chat with my partner Amir Ebrahimnia. He told me he had checked out a few spaces around town and had met a great agent, Ermina. His enthusiasm towards one building in particular made me eager to get back and was a welcome distraction from the excruciating pain I was suffering due to an ear infection.

A few days later I was back in Toronto and ready to start the hunt for our companies new home. Met our wonderful agent, Ermina and checked out two spaces before heading over to 49 Spadina Ave. We parked across the street and I quickly realized that the space we were looking at was in one of my favorite buildings in Toronto. I had gone to a few casting calls in the building years ago during my past life as a swing dancer. Back then I had fallen in love with the 12 foot ceilings, original wood floors and pillars, and the quaint little park right in front. This past admiration and close proximity to home and the lake front made Ermina’s job a whole lot easier.