Perhaps the most complex feature on Twitter for a new user to understand is the infamous HashTag and how it can be applied to a topic with its respective symbol (“#”) at the start of the tag to identify it. Twitter hashtags like #followfridays spread information on the twittersphere  while also helping to organize and categorize flow of information by bringing communities and interest groups together.

Hashtags were originally developed as a way to group subjects on Twitter with out having to change the basic service. The symbol # is a convention permanently borrowed primarily from the old school IRC channels as followed later by Jaiku’s channel (a social networking, micro-blogging and life-streaming service comparable to Twitter).

In a way it would be safe to say; to understand Twitter hashtags and there implementation is to grasp Twitters full power and potential to convey the message to its proper channel. To put it simply, a hashtag is a way to search for tweets that share a common topic.

Let me give you an example; say you are a huge Lost fan, (like most of us here at Derooted Agency) you can search Twitter #LOST, you’ll get a real-time list of tweets related to one of the greatest TV shows ever made. Lost.

The beauty of a hashtag is say if someone wrote something about Lost which did not actually have the word “Lost” in the tweet, the message would still get categorized because of the hashtag.

e.g. I just sent the following tweet on twitter: “Who do you think is hotter?? Kate or Clair? #Lost”

Everyone in the world who follows #Lost on twitter will receive my question and if they choose they will answer me directly on my twitter @amirebrahimnia

I may choose to add more than 1 hashtag to my message given I keep the total message to no more than 140 characters.  “Who do you think is hotter?? Kate or Clair? #Lost #ABC #TV #Show”

In reality hash tags allow you to create communities of people interested in the same topic by making it easier for them to find and share info related to it.

When you apply a simple hashtag to your tweet, in a way you are the closest as you may ever be to your audience given they are any more than 4 degrees of separation. Think about it for a second. If your message is one worthy of sending to someone in pure intention, what would that do for your objective?

I would be grateful to hear you.

Do you tweet your product? How do you use hashtags? What are some of your favorite hashtags and how do you see yourself benefiting from a Twitter hashtag?