I’ve been noticing a few of our readers posting comments on the derooted blog with the “empty gray guy” icon next to there comments.
The little box with a cool image you see all over the web accompanying the trillion comments on millions of posts. most times proud identity of an anxious commentaire.  That ladies and gentlemen, is a Gravatar.

Gravatars are globally recognized Avatars. An avatar is an icon, or representation, of a user in a shared virtual reality, such as a forum, chat, website, or any other form of online community in witch the user(s) wish to have something to distinguish themselves from other users. Created by Tom Werner, Gravatars make it possible for a person to have one avatar across the entire web. Avatars are usually an 80px by 80px image that the user will create themselves.

A Gravatar is essentially the same thing, but they are all hosted on a single server and are called up by encrypting the users’ email address via MDS algorithm. So instead of having one avatar on one forum you visit, and another at a blog you visit, you could have the same avatar on every blog you visit on the world wide web.

Personally I’m a big Gravatar geek. I have many different pictures uploaded to my Gravatar account, representing my many shades.  Love checking out other peoples Gravatars online. Its amazing the amount of times the Gravatar can actually gravitate the reader to your own blog but I’ll leave that for another post.

EASY AS 1 .. 2 ..  ..

1. Set up a free Gravatar account by clicking here.

2. When you leave comments on blog posts, make sure that you leave the same email address as the one you set up your Gravatar account with. This is how it will be able to magically connect your avatar image to the comments posted.