After nearing a month at Derooted HQ, I, Jenn King Intern at Large, am emerging from my relatively inactive internet (or should I say INTERNet, har har) presence to fulfill my new role as Jenn King Intern at Large / Blogette Extraordinaire. Please, bear with me while I get whatever the computer equivalent of finding one’s sea legs is.

Relating to the More is More subheading at my post, last night I had the pleasure of attending Marian Bantjes lecture at the Ontario College of Art and Design. For those of you who might be a little unfamiliar with her work, Marian is a Canadian designer/typographer/illustrator/maker of wonderful things who counts among her clients Saks Fifth Avenue, Penguin Books, Wallpaper*, The Guardian, WIRED, Stefan Sagmeister and The New York Times. Her work is personal, ornate, complex and rich, and stands in contrast to the extremely minimal Modernist design that has been popular with so many designers for  so long. I found it really refreshing to look at someone’s work who knows that while simplicity and negative space have their places, sometimes the eye can be pampered with beautiful, luxurious images and that when done right, just because something is ornate and intricate doesn’t mean it has to look like a 90’s club poster.

Typecon poster done by Marian Bantjes


Feather pattern wallpaper by Marian Bantjes



The talk itself wouldn’t have broken any new ground for those familiar with her work or who have read her writings, as my companion pointed out, but with time constraints being what they were it was still a nice look into the way she creates her intricate, detailed patterns and designs.  I especially enjoyed her work done outside of regular computer methods, as this is something I’ve been passionate about exploring. Her flower and pasta patterns are of particular note, and her “read before you eat” droog table was a beautiful merger of aesthetics and message.

A dazzling ship by Marian Bantjes


Also, on a personal note, my birthday is in a few months, and just as a gift idea for anyone that has an extra 16,000 dollars burning a hole in their pocket, I’d really like one of the sailboats she designed for *Wallpaper. They remind me of the the dazzle ships used around WW1 and 2.

So in short, for anyone interested in design, illustration, typography, or nice things, you should go check out her show while it’s at OCAD (100 McCaul St.). It starts tonight and runs until June 5th, 2011, with the opening reception tonight from 7-9 pm.

Also, for the love of Charlie Sheen, please check out her new(ish) book, I Wonder. It’s gilded pages and wonderfully tactile cover alone are enough to make it a great purchase, even if the inside pages were empty (which they aren’t).