Last night watching the National I heard that iconic Canadian folk singer Kate McGarrigle had passed (One of the McGarrigle Sisters and Rufus Wainwright’s mom), a great Canadian talent that has influenced many artists in this country.

One specific inspiration and fond memory is that of the NFB classic “Log Driver’s Waltz”. When we got our first tv after immigrating to Canada this video was amongst the first things I saw. I was taken by the transition from video to animation, it was so smooth and I was baffled by how they had achieved it. Then there was the song. Like a sirens call, I would race to the TV every time I heard it coming on and would bounce joyfully in front of the tTVwhile singing along in my broken English.

To date, whenever this song and video are brought up, people start singing, telling funny childhood stories and inevitably bouncing around like that jolly log driver. It has and will always put a smile on my face. Respect to Kate McGarrigle and the McGarrigle Sisters, John Weldon as well as the NFB for creating this timeless Canadian treasure.