Spectacular car chases, an intense hostage crisis, wild animals rampaging through the city.

Logorama brings to life a world built out of familiar logos. Hundreds of logos and mascots are used, and they include examples from software companies, shopping centers, restaurants, sports teams, movies, and any number of other products, agencies, and corporations. It’s a lot of fun watching all of these familiar logos used so creatively. They fill the screen and zip by without calling attention to themselves. Watching Logorama is like a game of “How Many Logos Can You Name?” To fully appreciate this animated short, one needs to freeze-frame each part and check out all the details.

Imagine how much work it must have been filling this virtual city with all of those brands. Each logo fits in in a logical way. Boxy logos, for example, are often used as buildings, while pedestrians are made from the AOL Instant Messenger guy or the Bic pen man. Cops are Michelin men. The zoo includes the MGM lion and the Linux penguin. Thousands of logos are used so cleverly that it nearly boggles the mind. As new logos reveal themselves, the viewer is awestruck. “Aw, man! Are you freakin’ kidding!?!”

Watch This brilliant Oscar nominated Short ‘Logorama’ and simply get blown away rolling on the floor, while thinking to yourself; “Did McDonald’s REALLY approve this?”



•Critics’ Week, Cannes 05.2009 (France)
> award: Kodak Discovery Award for Best Short Film
• Festival Int’l de curtas metragens, Vila do Conde 07.2009 (Portugal)

> award: Audience Award
• Lille Internationnal Short Film Festival 10.2009
> award: Audience Award
• Cinanima – International Animated Film Festival, Espinho 11.2009 (Portugal)

> award: Jury’s Special Prize > award: Audience’s Prize
• Cinanima – International Animated Film Festival, Espinho 11.2009 (Portugal)

> award: Fuji Prize for the best directors > award: Audience Award
• Stockholm Int’l Film Festival 11.2009 (Sweden)

> award: Best Short Film
• Vendome Film Festival 11.2009 (France)
> award: Best Direction > award: Audience Award
• Zinebi, Bilbao International Film Festival 11.2009 (Spain)
> award: Gold Mikeldi for Animation
• Clermont-ferrand International film Festival 02.2010 (France)
> award: Audi National
> award: “Attention Talent” Fnac
• ANIMA, Bruxelles 02.2010 (Belgique)
> award: Prix du public du meilleur court-métrage


• Trickfilm Festival, Stuttgart (Allemagne)
> 04.05.10 – 09.05.10
• Festival Hors Pistes Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris (France)
> Séance le vendredi 26 février à 19h, salle Cinéma 2 (En présence d’un des réalisateurs)