Long distance + technology + intimacy = LOVE PALZ

Technology is constantly evolving to become more sophisticated, more user friendly and more environmentally safe. This product designed by Taipei-based company Winzz, launching at the end of March has created quite the buzz. Added to the eroticism of it are their names: Zeus and Hera. You probably don’t wanna bring it to grandmother’s house for dinner… or to church… or on an airplane.

The titillating wireless gadget has been generating buzz since announcing pre-orders in September. Winzz says that they received over 5,000 pre-orders within two months, back when the LovePalz set of two devices was available for $94.95 each. Now that the pre-order special has ended, each piece, called the Hera and the Zeus, is available separately for $189. Despite the higher price, Winzz reports that they have sold 1,800 items since February 28.