Our CONTACT exhibit has been an amazing project to work in. As one of festival’s featured exhibits we have a great opportunity to develop and deliver something unique and interesting!

With Simón (@derooted) we have been working on a photography + video installation. Our work is based on our thesis that the ubiquity of photography has resulted in shorter attention spans from the viewer. In order to expand the viewers attention span, we are mixing photographs with video events that are triggered by viewer’s interaction with the piece. (For some background references you can read Marshall McLuhan’s hot media essays, and Walter Benjamin’s The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction). Our pieces are dependent on the viewer for them to exist as art, hence there is no art without the spectator.

We have been developing two pieces. The first one is a portrait in which the subject is wearing a pair of optician frame measuring glasses.

The eyes of the viewer (which are being read by a web cam installed within a completely modular and recyclable box) are projected in real time within the glasses’ negative space, making the spectator part of our piece. To do so, we are using Modul8, an iCam, and a Mac Mini to run the software.

Be sure to come check out this CONTACT Photography Festival Featured Exhibit hosted at The Baitshop Gallery 358 Dufferin St, Ste 117 (Entrance off Milky Way)