creative-agency_toronto_blog-img-crowd-sourcingSo you are creative and have an amazing project in mind but to take it to the next level requires a budget that is not in your pocket. Outsourcing for the money for your project doesn’t require you to wear your best pants and put a smiley face to impress a banker hoping they will approve you a loan. In fact, you can get the money for your creative project on the comfort of your PJ’s. That is not to say that there is not work involved, I am just simply saying that you can do your thing however you feel most comfortable doing it!. On that note I begin to spill the juice on how to get started. First and for most, your project has to be achievable and you must believe in your project. Remember that you are the source and the driven force to make it happen. Your passion and determination is what will inspire trust in others to support your idea. And how you go about this is by putting your project together and uploading it into sites that will promote micro financing. A couple of these sites that help creative minds to raise their money are Kickstarter, Kapipal and Indiegogo. Each of them differ on the requirements but generally speaking this is how it rolls.  You will set rewards to the different amounts that people donate. The amounts can range from $5-$1000 dollars so people with different budgets can actually be part of making your creative project come to fruition. People get rewarded for helping you out and you get to live your dream!!!  Sweet isn’t? so what are you waiting for?!! get your creative juices going!