Branding Of Inprint Collective

It is often a challenge for artists to make art for a living as well as find ways to continue creating, considering the economy and the current cultural cutbacks cultivating these artists is extremely important. This is a feeling that the members of InPrint Collective share; a sense that artists need to band together to create support groups to ensure the growth of the art community. There are so many personal, political and social commentary messages that are shared through art. It is such an important form of expression and community; it is therefore necessary to promote and nurture this movement.

Lovera + Rojas — Contact 2010

The eyes of the viewer (which are being read by a web cam installed within a completely modular and recyclable box) are projected in real time within the glasses’ negative space, making the spectator part of our piece. To do so, we are using Modul8, an iCam, and a Mac Mini to run the software.

Optometry — Behind The Scenes

Simon and I have made a lot of progress with our installation and exhibit. The deadline is looming and we’ve been putting some long hours to develop our presentation and concept. The most time consuming part so far has been building the optometry installation.

Who knew? (Benefits of drinking tea)

l though it would be fun to blog about last night’s hockey game and our current overwhelming and deserved Canadian pride; it is now time to get back to my daily reality. Last week, while researching facts about tea for our client over at Tea Market, I stumbled across some very interesting and potentially LIFE-CHANGING facts. If you don’t already drink tea, you may feel inclined to after you read my post – which is my intention anyway.

Today is a Good Day

And so it’s Thursday again and it’s a good day. Sure I may have skipped the Raps game last night but it was for a good cause: I hung out with my little brother and watched Canada whoop the Russians in a little Olympic hockey tilt that was tabbed as one of the greatest games ever but ended up being a complete blowout of Ovechkin & Co.. So there I was watching the game and enjoying some adult beverages fully knowing that I should be staying on top of my work when it hit me that this was in actuality work and not only was I doing some market research but also getting some valuable material for my Thursday blog post.

Olympic Fever

Today is day 11 of the Vancouver Olympics.  If you don’t know this, you live under a rock.  With all of the media coverage and newspapers splashed with Olympic pride, it is hard to avoid Olympic fever.  So, in the spirit of the Olympics, I want to ask my readers what you think of the different TV spots currently airing.  Some major contenders eagerly fighting to win our loyalty include Bell Canada, RBC Royal Bank, Petro Canada, RONA, McDonalds and Coca-Cola.  The advertisers are using both patriotism and air time as a tool to gain top-of-mind awareness in the consumer.  How effective is this?  Are these major brands winning you over through the power of  Olympic pride or are they just wasting their money attempting to get through the clutter of the Olympics?  Which spots are winning and which are not?

I’m interested to know your thoughts.