Bring’em down!

In a mad blaze of destruction the walls fell. Suddenly, my initial reaction of the space being too big changed to, holy $h!t this place is wayyy too big! How the heck were we going to fill the space so it didn’t look like an empty warehouse with a few people in one corner? We headed back to Amir’s and started covering his walls with sketches, ideas and plenty of to do lists. The task was daunting, Amir nor I are interior designers or decorators by any right, we have usually relied on the talents of Mr. Holtzman or my brother. This time it was just us. We now had this spatial canvas with which to play, anxiety morphed into motivation as we saw all of the possibilities ahead for our company and its home.

The floor plan

Derooted has found a place to call home! Now to work out all of the options for our space. Traffic flow, sight lines, day light, acoustics, so many things to take into consideration when deciding an office layout and floor plan. We knew we wanted to take down one or two of the existing walls to open things up and allow for more natural light to enter our office. We came up with three options that addressed specific office needs; private meeting room, presentation area, common area/kitchenette, brainstorming area and an open concept studio for our creative team.

Did you say Free advertising?

This week we were pleasantly surprised to hear that ‘Big Red’ (aka Rogers) would be lending a helping hand to small businesses. In celebration of small business month (October, who knew.) Rogers has created a micro site offering free web advertising for small businesses who submit a web banner, companies who submit are also entered to win $20,000 in advertising. Select ads will also be featured on other Rogers sites during small business month.
Most of the of the banners that are up are quite ugly though! You would think that with the advertising space being free people would put a little more effort into the design of their ad, guess not.
Regardless, it is nice to see some give from a large corporation in contrast to the constant take. Maybe paying my phone bill this month will be a little less painful.