roller derby 2011

Roller Derby is coming for you, from every corner of this fine globe. Blood and Thunder —the world’s premier roller derby magazine— is bringing the first ever Roller Derby World Cup to Toronto this December.

December 2nd to 4th will see 12 teams rolling in to compete for world roller derby domination. England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Finland, Sweden, France, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, and Argentina and of course lucky number team 13— Canada, jamming, blocking and hitting their way to the title bout. Being on hand to see some of this country’s elite already, this promises to be one heck of a weekend.

I’ve done a skates with a few Rollergettes and my word are derby girls badass athletes. The amount of strategic and physical skill of these players is truly astonishing. These ladies go through grueling training sessions just to put their bodies on the line jam-in and jam-out. It’s not just about rad names, alter-egos and fishnets, it’s an insane amount of work to own that track on a country topping level.

I think part of my attraction to this amazing sport are the alter-egos. When else in life do you get to come up with a punk name for your other personality without being institutionalized? Honestly just getting to come up with my own derby name was a reason for me to learn to skate. The process itself started in my copywriting class last year as a creative exercise and has helped my writing experiences since. Although I’m set on Anne Bulance (say it fast), I still love having creative moniker sessions to see if I can blow my own mind with something better, though I doubt it.

Seeing as you won’t have anything more important than cheering on your country’s finest roller derby damsels on December 2nd to 4th, follow these instructions. Get your tickets, donate to Team Canada, and get your merch. Get creative with some “I (heart) Brim Stone/ Hell on Keller/ Georgia W Tush/ Lil Mama” signs, then just count on down the days until Toronto is hit with a world of hurt.

See you all trackside!

-Jenn Keenan a.k.a. Anne Bulance