UK-based designers Felix HeyesBen West have created a dictionary that contains the first Google Image result for every one of the 21,000 words in the average English dictionary.

Simply labeled as ‘Google’ in gold on the front cover, the task of creating a 1240-page picture book was made a little easier by using the PHP scripts written by West’s brother. One downloaded the images in sequence, and the other laid them out into columns.

The project is an intriguing method of capturing the visual culture of each word for 2012. The definitions are no longer bound by denotation, but represent what the users of the internet choose to connote them with. These days it’s hard to look up a word and not find pornography, cartoons, or internet memes within the search results.

It would definitely be interesting to see how the images will change in subsequent editions if the designers choose to update this piece.

-By: Conradical