I may just be the worst person in the entire world for maintaining my own blog but lets face it; Blogging is if not more important than voting in the elections.  As an advertising agency / creative boutique this is one of the very first things we explain to our clients.  The importance of building your community and interacting to your target market. Its not as difficult as you may think so go ahead and start a blog.

1. Start a blog today. You can write about your work and challenges and how you’ve learned to over come them. Share your experience, showcase your work. At times you may even incorporate a different blogger by quoting a word or two of wisdom.

2.  Participate in others blogs and forums. This is perhaps one of the most underestimated statements ever. Is it enough to just write a blog and expect 1000’s of people to come and pay tribute to your great words of wisdom? Sure it is. but you may have to step out of the confines of your http:// or twitter to make a friend or two. Look lets face it. Just as you would love to have people coming to your site and leaving a comment, so does everyone else. If someone visits your blog and leaves a worthy comment on your post, would you not be impressed? would you not be so impressed and humbled that you might even visit there site and learning more about this person who agrees (or disagrees) with your views and reviews or simply admires your thoughts?

If you’re a first timer in the blogosphere , take a look at what blogs attract  you. What blogs do you enjoy reading on a regular basis and why? What do you take from these articles? What do you think you might have that would interest and motivate others? Contribute your 2 cents.

It doesn’t have to be about Marketing, Communications, Advertising, PR or how to start a business, it could very well be one of your interests or maybe a hobby or maybe a different area of personal interest.

“No matter what other channels exist (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, etc…), nothing demonstrates who you are and what you do quite like a Blog. The reason to start one right now is because tomorrow may be too late. While a Blog may not replace the resume or a corporate brochure or a white paper, none of those will ever be able to demonstrate the one thing that truly separates you from everybody else: you – as an individual. Human beings are like snowflakes (no two snowflakes are alike) and, in a world where differentiation and uniqueness seems to be the only competitive advantage, nothing will demonstrate this more effectively than a Blog.”

I agree fully with Mitch. Six Pixels of Separation a blog we recommend our staff to RSS subscribe to. 8:35 every morning I start my day off with this blog delivered conveniently to my mailbox.( I dont actually start my morning that late but somehow Mitch Joel has become my motivational mentor for 8:35 am)

– amir