As a serial entrepreneur, I personally never really saw it as much of a stretch for my business to enter into the world of creative advertising and design but having worked with and spent time with my friends at Derooted over the past several months, I’ve not only learned a few things but also managed to have some fun with these gentlemen (and now one lady) in the process.  So when I was asked last week to start contributing to their blog, I thought it was an excellent opportunity to get back to writing and as Amir so eloquently put it a couple of days ago in his post, get back to “building your community and interacting”.

Unfortunately, I’m not writing about basketball anymore although I can’t promise that you won’t catch a few references here and there on the game I love so much (damn Raps let one slip away last night) but the good news is, my Rathnelly Group blog and new site will be launched shortly (courtesy of the Derooted crew of course) with some other thoughts and insights into my world.  However, for the foreseeable future, Thursday’s words will belong to my friends at 49 Spadina and generally speaking, what you’ll find from me here will reflect what’s going on in my business, what’s happening with Derooted and some of my other companies as well as what I’m learning from all everyone in the process (like 12pt. font size is too big).  That should be enough to fill a few paragraphs a week but if you know me at all, you’ll understand that there is simply much more that can always be said, just never enough time to get it all down.

So with that, I’ve got to cut this short and run to another lunch meeting but in the meantime, stay tuned because from now on we’ve got a date every Thursday where we can get caught up, talk a little shop with some reflection and foresight into how we got here and how continue to build our perceived dream.  Cheers

Dave King

ps. Thought I’d leave you all with some visual food for thought so check out the below images showing how the local hoops squad’s logo has grown up from a whacked out Barney impersonator to today’s sleek claw.  A big improvement but you have to wonder how they got here considering such a slow start.