And so it’s Thursday again and it’s a good day.  Sure I may have skipped the Raps game last night but it was for a good cause: I hung out with my little brother and watched Canada whoop the Russians in a little Olympic hockey tilt that was tabbed as one of the greatest games ever but ended up being a complete blowout of Ovechkin & Co..  So there I was watching the game and enjoying some adult beverages fully knowing that I should be staying on top of my work when it hit me that this was in actuality work and not only was I doing some market research but also getting some valuable material for my Thursday blog post.

So here’s what I saw.  Aside from the obvious great game taking place and the good beer going down, I actually took a metaphorical step back and saw a table of about a dozen individuals, all entrepreneurs in one way shape or form, coming together not only to watch a hockey game but to exchange ideas, discuss trends and plan future actions.  And that was just our table so who knows who else was there last night.  Of the topics of discussion were things like the countries private and public sector investment in our athletes and the games, what it would’ve meant if Toronto had actually landed the 2008 games instead of Beijing (thanks for the quick research Steve) and what the coming Pan Am games will mean for businesses and the city alike.

And so as the discussion moved through three periods and opinions got stronger every time Canada found the back of the net, the consensus was clear; as a city, Toronto has noticeably become more entrepreneurial in the past several years and as we continue to push the economy out of the current recession, there is a level of fearlessness, accountability and ownership present today in this city that is going to carry us forward.  And like my friends at derooted (who by the way were not watching the game with us), my friends last night and Ice Cube seem to say, ‘Today is A Good Day’ to step out of the traditional, envision how we as entrepreneurs, artists, business men and women can look beyond the traditional and actualize how we are going to truly build on our visions to be owners and not just live for the weekends but live, work and play every day.


– Dave King