Finding the perfect fine-liner pen for an artist is much like dating. It can be costly, frustrating and overwhelming. However, when you find that perfect match…magic! All your trial and error ex-pens are soon collecting dust, because damn-it, your in love! Here’s a brief review of some of the relationships I’ve had with pens, past and present.

creative-agency_toronto_blog-img-Copic multilinear SPLet’s begin with the Copic multilinear SP, overall I liked this pen. It’s extremely durable and has a very high quality body. The ink is waterproof and pigment based, ideal for outlining and detailed work. Copic multilinear Sp’s are refillable and have replacement nibs. In addition, this pen is also available with brush tip. However it didn’t completely blow me away like it’s cousin, the Copic markers had. Eventually I stopped using these because I found the ink was never as dark as I had hoped and it would take a few coats to achieve the look I wanted.

creative-agency_toronto_blog-img-Staedtler pigment linerNext up were the Staedtler pigment liner pens. Airplane safe, waterproof ink and a crisp broad range of colours, these pens know how to party. In addition, Staedtler’s claim to fame is that it can be left uncapped for up to 18hours without drying out. Excellent for those absent minded artists. With 5 different line widths available, I truly thought the hunt was over. Could this be my match made in heaven? That was until I met…I mean, tried Sakura’s Pigma microns. Staedtler just didn’t hold up to the smoothness and comfort that the microns had.

creative-agency_toronto_blog-img-Sakuras PigmaSakura’s Pigma microns use waterproof, archival ink. They are extremely fade resistant. I have drawings from years ago that are still as crisp and dark as the day I made them. The microns have never smudged on me, or feathered. They work well on different angles and on a variety of surfaces without bleeding. Only downside is that these guys are not for the heavy handed. If you push too hard, you run the risk of pushing the tip up into the barrel and destroying your pen. Nevertheless, I’m smitten. I’ve been fully committed to these pens for years and haven’t strayed since finding them. Working with these pens are reliable, dependable and long lasting, what more can you ask for in a relationship…with a pen?

Sarah Vandenbrekel

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