I have officially completed my first week as an intern here at Derooted.  I have been asked to write a personal blog, which is another first for me on the job.  Although I have expanded my Adobe skills considerably in the past week, I thought it would be more fun to blog about the things I’ve learned about Derooted.

Things I have learned thus far:

  • Writing this blog terrifies me
  • The fancy Italian coffee machine gets a lot of attention around here and as long as it’s around, I won’t be making any coffee runs
  • Monday mornings are cold;  Wear your Hot-Chilly ski socks to work.
  • Simon can’t eat…anything (due to his training for the big marathon coming up in the spring)
  • Twitter is the god of social media
  • We are extremely organized
  • You can buy tea bags for loose leaf tea so that you don’t have to settle with those awful metal infusers
  • When I leave at the end of the day I say goodnight to Amir and Simon who are stationed at their desks, and when I walk in in the morning they are situated in the exact same spot, just with a slight wardrobe change
  • Chile is a very long country and is located in South America
  • If you don’t watch Lost, you feel very left out on Wednesday mornings — The Bachelor just doesn’t cut it for them
  • Cereal is a North American thing, so is a PB&J sandwich
  • There is always something good playing on the stereo, although most of the time I’ve never heard of it