Custom responsive DJ booth
synced to Jazzy's beats


concept, design, fabrication, 3D Mapping + Projection, interactive midi sync

This takes us back to the days when 3D projection was in its infancy. As one of the early pioneers of 3D mapping and projection, we were approached to create an immersive experience at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) to celebrate the world premier of NIKE’s documentary on their best selling shoe brand, Airforce 1. Cutting through the film festival clutter, Derooted built a groundbreaking music experience that placed NIKE in the spotlight.


With only a week turnaround, we designed and built a unique space to immerse the guests in the music surrounded by visuals of their own collective experiences. Images of guests were mapped in real time on dynamic screens that reacted live to the sound of the music. DJ Jazzy Jeff dropped beats and comedian Russel Peters made a surprise DJ appearance. Canadian Hockey superstar, PK Subban, pumped up the crowd. With nearly a dozen interactive surfaces for dynamic content, live audio was picked up with our sensor technology while frequencies were separated and translated into a visual extravaganza of branded content.

Toronto International Film Festival is an incredibly saturated property posing a significant challenge for brands looking to make a splash. Nike knew it needed to make a big impression if they were going to turn heads in the ultra competitive party scene

To celebrate the film’s North American Premier, Nike decided to fly in no other than Hip-hops own DJ Jazzy Jeff alongside good friends, comedian and Toronto native Russell Peters and Canadian Hockey superstar, PK Subban to bring it in only as Nike knows how to.

in collaboration with DJ Jazzy Jeff
client: NIKE
- Nike Reel House - DJ Jazzy Jeff
NIKE ReelHouse: DJ Jazzy Jeff

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